Monday 21 April 2008

Ask a Feminist...

Have you got worries?
Are you struggling to deal with the hefty demands of modern womanhood?
Are you unable to sleep in patriarchal space?
Are you exhausted from supervising the intricate gender fuckeries of your friends, family and pets?
Are you probed by Margaret Thatcher in your dreams?

Help is at hand, as Pennyred turns feminist agony auntie. Post your woes, rants and distressed frothings in the comments, or email to and my secretary will deal with you, once he's finished ironing my thongs. Replies shall be swift and terrible.

1 comment:

  1. My loud neighbours in the flat below have (admittedly increasingly infrequent) loud altercations. It's mostly one-sided: a man screaming at a woman. I hear occasional thumps and slams when they fight, but not any accompanying noises of pain, so it could just be "toys coming out of the pram". I know it's hard for all women, let alone immigrants without native English skills (as she sounds to be) to report domestic abuse, but I can't be sure that any violence is being perpetrated, merely bellicose unpleasantries. It may even just be that the couple has a "fiery" relationship.

    How should I proceed?


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