Friday 14 October 2011

Dear Occupy Wall Street,

Mic check? Mic check! Ok...

Right now, I know that things are tense. I know that you're waiting for the word on whether or not you will be evicted from Liberty Plaza tomorrow, from the beautiful occupation you've built right in the the belly of the beast of global corporate power. I know that you are worried that there will be police violence, or another mass arrest. I know this because right now, I'm reading news reports about what you're doing from across the globe, and talking to people sitting in the square, even though I'm thousands of miles away. You see? The whole world is watching. You did that. Whatever happens tomorrow, the whole world will be watching the New York authorities try to clean the people of America off the sidewalks of Wall Street.

You knew this was coming. After realising that pepper spraying a few peaceful protesters wouldn't make you go away, they've been trying to evict you for weeks, and the pretext that Bloomberg and the NYPD have finally found is that Occupy Wall Street is 'unsanitary' - full of rubbish, attracting rodents. Anyone who has been to the Plaza and seen the water filtration system you've built and watched volunteers from across the city sweeping the sidewalks and handing round the antiseptic gel knows what nonsense that is.

We know what they really mean when they say 'Liberty Plaza is full of rubbish.' The trash they want to sweep out of their nice clean financial districts are the ordinary people of your country - the 99%. They are tired of seeing you on their way to work in the mornings, cluttering up the pavements with your uncomfortable little placards about grinding unemployment, a broken healthcare system and a feral business sector holding the party system to ransom. They are tired of seeing old women asking for medical attention, little children asking for education, young adults asking for work. They want those people tidied away. The question is: are you going to let them tidy you away?

You knew, deep down, that this was coming. If the occupation of Wall Street was ever going to succeed as it was meant to, there were always going to be crackdowns. And of course it's scary. It's always scary when you take a stand in the face of power, because power tends to fight back when it is threatened, and you have certainly become a threat. You are a threat because you are clever, and angry, and peaceful, and you refuse to stop asking difficult questions, and you refuse to go away. Hundreds of you have already been arrested. There is every chance that more of you will be arrested tomorrow, simply for daring to dream of a different future, simply for demanding the individual and collective human dignities that most Americans consider theirs by right. When the NYPD refused to let you march through Wall Street a week ago, you chanted, hundreds of you with one voice: "who are you protecting?" It is a question you must keep asking until you receive an answer you can bear to accept.

Your efforts at cleaning today prove that they aren't coming to scrub away actual dirt, but to sterilise the energy that this protest has inspired across America and around the world. Whether or not you let them is up to you. Whether or not you stand firm and resist, whether or not you come back to Liberty Plaza and to Wall Street, whether or not you take the fight through the winter and built a movement too big to kettle, is entirely up to you. It's up to you to stand firm or falter, and there are certainly good reasons for doing both. Being arrested in the United States is no joke.

But know this: what you decide to do tomorrow will touch the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

You could go home right now, and tell your kids in twenty years' time how wonderful it was when you were young and idealistic and you slept under tarpaulins in Liberty Plaza. Or you could take a risk, and see what happens next. Choose wisely, please, for all of us. With love, and greatest respect, but most importantly,

With solidarity,


  1. Replies
    1. Peace is good, and so is love. But what do we want from Wall Street and our governments?

      "Why can't we voice a path towards our objectives? It is because we have been told that ideas such as Globalization and the consequent free movement of capital and labour are inevitable, good ideas.

      Why are we paralysed? We are paralysed because if you believe in Globalization you cannot fully regulate the banks or limit top salaries. If you believe in Globalisation you cannot have a vibrant national culture and you cannot truly be Green. The current economic slump is due to globalisation but no one bothers to look at the data because they are believers. Our paralysis is due to our beliefs being out of step with our own reality. We have second hand beliefs fed to us by the governing classes. We have been convinced by the media that Globalisation is almost "holy" when it is itself the problems we are confronting. " See The Occupy London Movement.

  2. Awestruck. You put into words exactly what I have been feeling.

  3. Viva la revolucion!

  4. Hmm. The capitalists have tanks. Soldiers will use them.

    The priority is tackling the issue of the prevailing common sense in the homes of those who might raise soldiers or take out a pension whose fund invests in stock.

    Any occupation needs to understand this, and be geared to that end - not constructed as an end in itself. As such, it needs strategic political ends beyond just the tactical. But there is no leadership, public face, common forum, wider policy, or common strategy. There is no implication or synthesis. Just a cycle of action, frustration, action, frustration.

    The crisis at present therefore exists entirely in that "the old is dying, but the new cannot be born". Morbid symptoms indeed. Change is required.

    Strategically, how this comes together remains a mystery to me. So I'm going to have a yoghurt.

  5. @Transatlantic, 'viva la excruciating stasis' and 'viva la bemusement' are both (lamentably) less romantic, but IMO rather more applicable. :-/

  6. Thank you. You've have said everything I've been wanting to put into words. Beautifully said!

    We will all be watching early tomorrow morning to see what our next step is, once again taking our cue from New York. I'm nervous, but excited.

  7. Thank you, Penny Red, for keeping us enthralled, informed, outraged and delighted.
    Thank you, Occupy Wall Street, for your bravery and your sanity.

    In solidarity and a little trepidation ... Chrissie

  8. Interesting analysis from Brad Hicks:
    I Dreamed Joe Hill Tweeted Me Last Night #OWS

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  10. Forgive my ignorance, but I don't understand what the aim and purpose of the movement is exactly. What do they hope to achieve? What do the occupiers want to see happen?

    It doesn't seem like most of the people protesting are among the starving masses. Really the protests hurt more than just the Wall Street/financial big-wigs in that there are many smaller investors and retirees who have money in the market. Must they be pushed into the poorhouse for the wants (not needs, but wants) of this group?

    In ten years what is it that the group hopes will exist? What system do they hope to see replace what is there?

    Again, I mean these as serious questions because I am trying to understand, and don't.

  11. Tillie, if you want to understand, look at this blog:

    What the protesters "want" is a roof over their heads, food on their table, healthcare without bankruptcy, education without crushing amounts of debt.

    Some of those *are* needs, not wants. And the wants strike me as being relatively basic provisions of civilized society. Nobody is asking for luxuries. What they are asking for is basic human dignity.

    Record numbers of Americans are living in poverty, are on food stamps, are without health insurance, and are unemployed. Meanwhile the American government bails out banks to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars (and the Federal Reserve shells out $16 trillion to banks, according to a recent audit). Trillions more are spent on waging senseless, illegal wars abroad. The top 1% of the country controls 43% of the wealth; the next 9% controls another 40%, and the bottom 90% control only 17%.

    This has to stop, and the system that brings it about must be stopped. The protests are simultaneously expressions of outrage and assertions of the sovereignty and solidarity of the people.

    Hopefully that answers your questions.

  12. Tillie, to answer you succinctly, they are protesting against economic injustice that fuelled this recession.

    Also, yay! The eviction has been moved back. :)

  13. Thank you for your continued reporting and presence.

  14. As of October 17th occupy Wall Street overcame the Bloomberg "power washers" which I suppose can be seen in a double sense.

    Around the country and here in the Midwest USA we turned out 250 for the day.

    As with the Madison WI protests in March, I'm reminded of a favorite quote from Howard Zinn.

    In addressing his students at Howard University during the Civil Rights movement he said that as arriving graduates they had the choice of teaching history or making history.

    I hope more people make the choice to make history.

    As always, will read In The Red in the New Statesman to continue with Laurie Penny's take on things as they develop.

  15. Thanks for speaking my mind - and so movingly.

  16. I posted a 13 minute film I made of the Occupy Perth, Australia action at my blog.

  17. What a joke, you're oxford educated, you can afford to bop off to Spain for fun, you're a journalist (not exactly hard labor" and you tried to hire a lackey for under minimum wage, yet here you are trying to be one of the "99%" how hilarious.

  18. Is it wrong to point out that actually, 'the whole world' isn't watching?

    I'm just not sure this type of self-conscious hyperbole really does anyone any good. You might as well have just wanked all over the screen and published that.

    I remember the days when this blog used to be good. What happened to you, Penny Red?

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  22. Penny Red.
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