Wednesday, 21 May 2008



We did it.

Tomorrow, we can start the fight again. Tomorrow, we can pick up our tools and gather our resources and go back to battling patriarchy and injustice in whatever small ways we can. But today? Let's just sit back and have some well-deserved drinks and look at what we've acheived together, forty years after we made the first steps towards reproductive justice in this country.


  1. Well, good. 3 ministers voting for 12 weeks, though! Also, only a majority of 71 on 22 weeks: I guess that means all the campaigning was needed.

  2. Congrats!! I was hoping it would work out for you girls in the UK. Abortion is still illegal in Ireland but that's what we get for letting the Cathloic church rule the country and education system.

    Here's a bit of ammo for your attack womb on the point of abortion: Find out what the criminal punishment is for having an abortion after the 24 week period and being found guilty of doing so. Then find out the criminal punishment for premeditated murder. Becuase if a feotus is a human life as the pro-lifers say, then an abortion is premediated murder and should carry the same punishment. But somehow I doubt that they really do. I'll leave you to flesh out the rest.

  3. The all party parliamentary group shows no signs of being dissuaded from staging another vote after the next election.

    That said, major win here and I agree that a celebration must be had.

    I do have some problems with the way this sort of a debate operates, but for the time being it seems like the sensible option has won out and by quite a comfortable margin. In the process the loathsome Nadine Dorries has been denied her reactionary will and a considerable amount of rightist prestige. She's a noble failure rather than a heroine baby-saviour and herald of the rightward shift.

    So well done. :D


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