Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Blog Awards callout!

Shameless whorebag that I am, please do vote for Penny Red in the Total Politics Blog Awards if you've enjoyed reading it this year. Voting closes soon, so get yours in quick! It takes 2 minutes, you just have to fire them off a quick email.

If you've no other reason, vote for me because it's being hosted by Ian Dale, which, obviously, is gonna skew the results in favour of the right wing of the blogosphere, and balance is always good. Thanks guys. :)


  1. I can be shameless too, so I'm going to repost my question about acting (from the "Irony" thread). Please comment briefly on the careers of the following 5 actresses: Halle Berry, Andie MacDowell, Dame Helen Mirren, Susan Sarandon and Charlize Theron. Which, if any, is the odd one out and why?

  2. The rules say you're not allowed to suggest other blogs - if Dale sees that you'll be disqualified. Better change it quick.

  3. olsenbloom - oops! will do.

    VR: too easy. Andie MacDowell never won Best Actress at the Oscars.

  4. I'm two decent blogs short of being able to vote! What a daft rule. (Although I suppose it means time to explore the internets...)

  5. Rule 3 says that you must have 10 blog. This might take me more than 2 minutes....

  6. Being as the rules forced you to take my name off your list Laurie (hehe, saw the original wording in my google reader) am I allowed to shamelessly promote my blog in your comments?

    If so, count this as a shameless plug for me, Cath Elliott, blogging at Too Much To Say For Myself and anywhere else that will have me :)

  7. Olsenbloom is Andrew Hickey, BTW. Some OpenID implementations seem to take the Wordpress URL rather than the real one...

  8. How about not participating, and thereby voting with your feet (fingers) for the motion that Iain Dale is an arse?

  9. Since this is the only blog I read regularly, it could be difficult to think of nine others.

  10. Laurie,
    Sorry to hear about your grandmother.



  11. Laurie, Also sorry to hear about your grandmother. Best wishes, Rose

    Because of your bereavement, you get a full biscuit, but you only got half the actress question right and so would otherwise only get half. You're right, the Academy Award thing WAS too easy. It was a trick question, a two-parter.

  12. V. sorry to hear about your grandmother - I hope you will allow yourself the time to get over it though, you busy bee!

    Just to say you have been duly voted for in the TPBP.

  13. My favourite four political blogs are:


    Hold it! Don't squeeze it! A Political Odyssey,

    Beat the Meat, Bop the Baloney,

    and, best of all,

    There's No Key On The Tin Of Spam.

    IMO Penny Red would be better with more honesty, politics and less feminist rancour.

  14. I couldn't find any of the blogs mentioned above when I went looking for them.

  15. BumPiss was written by an English person who emigrated to France. It used to have the following URL:

    When I pinged this it appears no longer to exist.


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