Monday, 9 May 2011

From persuasion to coercion...

I wrote about UKUncut, the intimidation of protesters, and what that says about the government's confidence in its own spending plans, in the Independent today. Read it here.


  1. I did quite like the bit about the angry toddlers motivated to demonstrate. Slightly more poetic than accurate?

  2. Alfie Meadows, the young man who was nearly killed in the police kettle on 9 December

    As Meadows was leaving the Kettle and it's been proved that he wasn't hit by a polcie truncheon now, it might have well read
    Alfie Meadows, the young man who was nearly killed in the student protest.

  3. VR: There were toddlers at the last UKUncut protest I went to! Very sweet.

    Johnpaul: the Alfie Meadows case is still extant, and there has as yet been no proof that he was not hit by a police baton.

  4. Red your article and the comments in the Independent.
    First of all congratulations.
    Second, as an anti-system journalist you can not spend too much time and energies trying to answer the mega mountain of low level comments -crap- that your articles attract.
    This is a weakness that it is not hard to spot. I noticed that since you join NS your language and vocabulary has changed and you have become more aware of troll criticisim -how it is called nowadays.
    Anyway your strongest point is the directness of language and not being afraid of calling the shots. You probably realized that you are in a unique position of been at the top but reporting the class point of view. Your style of journalism is as refreshing as it gets.
    PS: Don't be afraid to get it wrong....fuck them...

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