Tuesday 20 January 2009

The time has come to put away childish things.


Did you see Bush's face? Told!

Let's, let's, alright. Alright then. I declare today a half-holiday from all fretting about the state of the world, all political despair, all cynicism and depression and running up the down escalator of cultural history. Today, no bile, no rage, no casting about for the exit. Today, I think we can allow ourselves a break from the job of growing up and sorting the fuck out of our own mad little country.

Are you enjoying it? Good, because tomorrow we've got work to do. Now be of great grinning and go about your business.


  1. Yup. What you said. I saw Bush's face too. And the happy way he lolloped into the helicopter. Like a man whose nightmare was over. And hopefully the world's too.

  2. I found it disturbing that there were moments during the speech when I thought "Wow, I wish that we had someone that left wing..." in charge.

    But damn. What a day. What sights, what words, what bliss.

  3. Okay.

    I am a cynic.

    For me the glass is always half empty but yesterday even I was swept up in the Obama inauguration and Bush's unceremonious departure. As the volume of the booing increased so did the volume of the music! Bush's expression was a picture - "Another spoonful of alum with your super-sized portion of humble pie Mr.President?" - talk about pursed lips, scowling and much sucking of lemons!

    Ha, ha, ha!

    And then I had a personal epiphany: suddenly I realised that I was smiling. Perhaps only for that moment it really did feel as if rain had begun to fall on a parched and arid desert and that the sun had begun to shine again after a tragic, hard and bitter winter that had cost so many lives. I know that is a mixed metaphor but what can I do? - it's what I felt!

    Now all we need is an enlightened leader of the Labour Party with an expansive intellect and a compassionate heart who can take a new broom to the cabinet and sweep out the right-wing dross, e.g., Purnell, Hutton, Flint, Mandelson et al.

    Don't hold your breath for the foregoing to happen however. America begins to breate freely again as the UK continues to suffocate.

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