Thursday 14 May 2009

Equality Bill: 'political correctness' be damned!

Boys and girls, you may be interested to read the first part of a new Penny Red comment column appearing at Labour List, which is now - thankfully - under new editorship. It's about the Equality Bill and why we shouldn't care if it upsets a few recalcitrants. It's here.

In other, no less pressing news: the House votes tomorrow on a Tory motion which, if passed, will effectively scrap the minimum wage. Please, sign this petition and/or go to Wage Concern's rally at Parliament tomorrow. We need to fight to defend our right to basic wages now, to make it more difficult for the scumbags to take them away when they're in government.


  1. The Bill you mention is being put forward by that darling little fellow Christopher Chope, who last year claimed £136,992 in expenses. It is of course backed by a corus of about a dozen other Conservative MPs including Peter Bone, once dubbed Britain's meanest boss for bragging he paid staff less than £1 a hour. The plan is being brought under the Human Rights Act.

    Can you believe it?

    The Tories are trying to justify implementing this pernicious bill by stating that forcing people to work for wages equal to or above the minimum wage violates their human rights by stripping from them the choice to work for lower wages!


  2. Signed that petition. These fuckers haven't thought through several things, such as the fact that in the 1980s (that bloggertarian utopia) we had mass unemployment despite no minimum wage, the fact that those on poverty wages often needed state benefits to make ends meet to an even greater extent than they do now, that many of those in low-paid jobs often don't urgently need the money as they are not the main breadwinners & might decide not to bother working (for example, student jobs & the second jobs I sometimes take on, which I wouldn't do for £2 an hour).

    Yes- just fucking bloggertarian shite being spouted & wishful thinking.

    I think Camoron would do away with the minimum wage in his fantasy land but has come to terms with the fact that it isn't practical politics, so the likes of Chope are just an embarassment to him, & he wishes they'd just crawl away. Having said that there'll be more than enough cause for berating him from the left.

  3. Christopher Chope is apparently "a devout Christian". So, whose wages would Jesus slash?


  4. Ooh, excellent article, and I have signed the petition.

  5. There are better ways of administering social security than a minimum wage ( negative income tax and basic citizens income), which don`t result in a benefits trap.
    Asquith - if no-one would work for 2 quid an hour (quite likely) then employers would have to pay more if they wanted the work done... where is the argument *for* a minimum wage here?

  6. I am actually quite warm towards negative income tax & a CBI, but they must be considered non-starters as they have not built up any kind of popoular support & seem unlikely to be adopted by a political party.

    Having a minimum wage is one of the best ways I can think of making work pay- far better than the tax credits fiasco or other shite along those lines.

    Mark my words- if Cameron becomes PM he'll get one embarassment after the next from his own party. He won't get the easy ride Blair got.

  7. Yes - those political parties are quite the little poo-bums, aren`t they.

    We need a true radical to take power - any radical. Anything that motivates people to actually take an interest.
    Once the old order has been swept away, we`ll find our way somewhere better soon enough.

  8. Full points to James Purnell for mendacity.

    This camp smirking little shit claimed one of his homes was BOTH his main AND second home so enabling him to get the mortgage paid on the property and avoid paying capital gains tax on it when he eventually sold it!

    And this is the corrupt and stinking little shit in charge of "reforming" welfare!

    What a twat!

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