Saturday, 3 October 2009

Fair enough?

I've a post on Comment is Free today about the equality agenda at the party conferences. Please go read it and comment, help me stave off the tide of stupid. TIA guys.


  1. Link appears to be going to the Huffington Post?

  2. D'oh! That's the article I was reading at the time. Thanks, fixed now. :)

  3. To most people, equality and fairness are very different things.

    If your desire for equality extends beyond a few exceptionally simplistic social indicators, might I suggest that you contribute 50% of your time, using your priveledged little fingers to represent an opinion which is the exact opposite of yours?

    Fair, innit.

    In truth, if we all had the same amount of money we wouldn`t be equal - you can`t love everyone equally, can you now.

  4. Read the article, Penny Red, would you please define what you mean by "moral recalcitrance" ?


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