Thursday 17 December 2009

Three cheers for the internet! (plus a small public service announcement)

Sorry that this is yet another linkdump, guys. Meds withdrawal and general winter craziness have meant I've been finding it difficult to write anything at all this week, and I've had to concentrate on the things I'm being paid to write, which are taking me me twice as long as they normally do. I'm not getting anything properly down until the small hours, and it feels like pulling a thick, heavy rope out of my forehead inch by inch. I'm stressed, and my sleeping patterns are shot, but hopefully I'll be able to return to devoting proper time to this blog before Christmas.

Meanwhile, an article about internet politics that I've been sitting on for a while has just been published by Prospect. I'm really pleased with it, even though something odd has happened to bits of the syntax between my outbox and the Prospect homepage. I love the magazine, have been reading it since I was at school, and am dead chuffed to have my ideas featured on their website. It's like an early non-denominational Winterval gift.

Even though I'm finding it difficult to juggle everything at the moment, it's really nice to think that since I started this blog my writing has grown up to the extent that it's now my real job, rather than just a hobby. Sure, I'm not making piles of money, but I'm paying my rent, and keeping busy enough that sometimes I have to prioritise freelance article gigs over what I really want to write. I miss being able to post something original here two or three times a week, though, and I'd like to get back to that soon.

Oh - and one more thing. Penny Red will be hosting the next Carnival of Feminists on the 23rd, so if you have any recommendations for feminist blog posts I should link to, please post them in the comments! Thanks ;)


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  2. For the carnival, how about something from Skeptic women comment on the current affairs of the day.

  3. "21 per cent of the population still has no internet access whatsoever."

    Please could you clarify that remark. I am typing this at my local community centre. It is in an upstairs room but there is a lift for wheelchair users. There is free internet access at the library and at least one other place in town. How far away do people without internet access at home have to be to the nearest place that offers access in order to be categorised as having "no internet access"?

    I am sure you will take disability into account as well.

  4. Evgeny Morozov's (excellent) article was about the democratizing influence (or lack of it) of the internet in authoritarian states, e.g. Belarus and Iran.

    So why have you written a response which is all about the politics of the internet in Western democracies? The headline says your article claims that "Evgeny Morozov is wrong", but you don't engage with what he said. Is he wrong? He sounds rather right to me.


    Some thoughts on Stripping, Sex and Popular Culture by Catherine Roach

  6. A post I am recommending to be included in the Carnival of Feminists I wrote about domestic violence re the cops failing a woman who was murdered by her partner.

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