Wednesday 14 April 2010

Digitally betrayed: blog for New Statesman

Positive engagement with the digital generation interests the political classes only when they want something from us. - read the whole thing at the Staggers.


  1. Off topic, but I'm sorry to see your latest in the Guardian didn't sit well with the commenters there. I agreed with what you said, but a lot of comments seemed to be of the form "SEVEN LOLZOROZ!!!1111eleventy". "Sexualization" is surely in the eye of the beholder, and the idea that a child wearing a padded bra has suddenly become sexualized is stupid. And parents still have some sort of veto over what their kids wear anyway.

    This padded bra thing emphasizes that breasts are seen as sexual objects by society. Yes, they're secondary sexual characteristics, but so is the male chest, and the same argument would not be had about a young boy wearing no shirt.

    And it all comes down to the idea that a woman in a short skirt is seen as a "slut", while if she wore jeans, she's not. Yes, such a woman can look attractive, but people should be able to wear what they want without people making a moral judgement.

    Finally, I see arguments about "innocence" to be absurd. Has a girl who wears a padded bra really lost her innocence? Surely the very idea of innocence is that you do things without realizing how society judges you. If a girl is innocent and puts on a padded bra, why would she suddenly become aware of society's obsession with breasts? If she's innocent, then the idea of breasts shouldn't hold such power as the Middle Englanders think it does.

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