Tuesday 6 April 2010

Hang on, is it just me -

Or is this more likely to make wavering Tories vote Labour than the other way around?

I actually tremble before the strategic brilliance of our possible future administrators.


  1. Hey - it works on me! I can safely say that I will a) not be voting for Gordon Brown (because he's not standing for election in my constituency, the Labour Party have someone else here instead) and b) I will be voting for someone other than Labour. Also someone other than the Tories. Which means I really will be voting for change! (And, if there's a socialist candidate this year, it will be that sort of change I vote for... ah well, Cameron can't have it all!)

  2. Mine Eyes Have Seen The Gory6 April 2010 at 15:07

    Erm. What is the implicit message here? Are the Tories announcing that they plan to try to close the gap between rich and poor, or what? Sadly, I'm afraid that no poster with Gordon Brown smiling on it is good news for the Labour Party. Who ever pays for it and posts it for whatever reason.

  3. I don't think it would be likely to make Tories vote Labour because most Tories I know don't see increasing the gap between rich and poor as a priority in itself, they just oppose greater active intervention from the government to prevent increases in inequality.

    It's designed to promote cynicism amongst Labour voters and get them to vote for Lib Dems, fringe parties or no one at all.

    It's clearly bollocks. Brown didn't increase the gap between rich and poor. Economic trends increased the gap between rich and poor and Brown's fiscal correction of those economic trends wasn't sufficient to prevent inequality increasing.

  4. WTF? Is David Cameron endorsing or criticising Gordon Brown with this poster? I always thought the Tories were pro-inequality.

  5. It's just you, I'm afraid. If you seriously think that increasing inequality is what drives the average Tory voter, then you really need to hurry up and finish adolescence.

  6. Really, who gives a shit about the poor? They scrounge, they idle and they wallow in their own filth and scum. Most of them don't want to work because they can't be bothered.

    Fortunately, if the Tories get in, the beggars will be forced to work. The times, they are a changing...

  7. Laban's right. The best way to explain Tory views here is by analogy with the US drone bombings in Pakistan.

    The Americans know that their bombs will kill hundreds of innocent civilians who'd otherwise be alive, but as the *main aim* of the bombs is to destroy Evil Bad Men, they're not morally responsible for the civilian deaths.

    Similarly, the Tories know that their policies will shaft the poor every which way they can, but as the *main aim* of the policies is to make life nicer for middle-class homeowners, they're not morally responsible for the inequality created.

    In both cases, adolescent bleeding-heart lefties might argue that if you *know an action will have certain consequences but do it anyway*, you're morally responsible for it. But all good right-wingers have read their Aquinas and know that the Doctrine of Double Effect gets them off the hook.


  8. Whenever anybody says anything to any Labourite about the widening gap between the rich and the poor that has expanded massively under thirteen years of New Labour government they always say pretty much the same thing.

    "Oh, well, that has been happening in all capitalist countries over the last several years."

    As if it was inevitable and unstoppable, like a force of nature or an act of God. It isn't. A widening gulf between the rich and the poor results because of deliberate governmental policy.

    I have always voted for the Labour Party in every election local and general since I turned eighteen. But now I will be voting for the Liberal Democrats as the most civilised political party fielding candidates who are most likely to deny both the Conservative AND Labour Parties an MP and councillors in my area.


    Because under New Labour I have seen some of the most reactionary, unnecessary, cruel and unenlightened policies and legislation introduced that makes me sick to my stomach, e.g., welfare reform act, digital economy bill, identity cards etc., and impossible for me to offer even token support to a political party that seems so utterly to have lost its way.

    Inequality isn't pre-ordained, inevitable or necessary, although, as far as I can see, the Labour Party no longer challenges poverty and social injustice in the way that it used to and has turned its back on the helpless and downtrodden as it turned to face the bankers and big business. Gordon Brown and the debased political party that he nominally lead are about as moral as a dockside prostitute's bodily orifices.

  9. Gordie looks quit becoming in this pic.I bet he sticks that one in the family album.As for the Tory voter, we know what rocks their boat.

  10. I'm disabled so I do not count at the moment, my legs packed up when I broke my spine, but hell right now we have labour telling me I'll work or else, we have the Tories saying or else you will work, and we have the job center saying come back in July we might have something for you by then. I had my benefits cuts by £12 a week down to £78 because of moving to the new benefits system labour put in, we are told Disability living allowance for the over sixty fives will stop, costing people £110 a week, to pay for a few people to die at home alone.

    the BNP who are a right bunch of murdering thugs seem the best bet for me, at least they are open about the politics they follow, death.

  11. I'm voting Green.

    I am mildly disappointed by a Facebook friend (someone I have met IRL pre-Facebook) supporting the Tories because she is so p*88ed off with Labour.

  12. I really laughed when I read Anonymous' comment about the poor above. Not so much about what he said - and everyone calling themselves Anonymous are guaranteed to be male, surely? - but the juxtaposition of his bilious tirade with a lyric pilfered from the Bob Dylan song "The Times They Are a-Changin'". Dylan's song is about liberal and progressive, rather than conservative and retrogressive, change in America, in the 1960s, as per individual freedom and improving civil rights.

    Although right-wingers like Anonymous make me laugh and feel more evolved as a human being (as well as giving me someone to look down on and feel superior towards) the fact that oafish reactionary fuckwits like this are almost always as thick as an incontinent hippo's foetid turd tends to stop such protoplasmic shits from shining like Shinola, witwise at least, as our American cousins might say.

    Personally I think Anonymous was joking.

    I only wish he had more finesse as a comedian.

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