Thursday 5 February 2009

National Take a Photo of a Police Officer Day 2009: stand up for citizen journalism!

Set to become law on the 16th of February in the UK, the Counter-Terrorism Act 2008 amends the Terrorism Act 2000 regarding offences relating to information about members of armed forces, a member of the intelligence services, or a police officer. Laws are being introduced that allow for the arrest - and fining, and imprisonment for up to ten years - of anyone who takes pictures of officers 'likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism'.

The law is expected to increase the anti-terrorism powers used today by police officers to stop photographers, including press photographers, from taking pictures in public places.

Does anyone else have a problem with this?

Picture, if you will, a protest, demonstration or piece of civil action. These can be inconvenient places for the government. A bunch of riot police wade in with batons, and a shocked bystander takes out her camera to preserve the evidence. The right of citizens to maintain sousveillance over their own police and military systems is vital to any healthy democracy.

So let's take back the gaze, if only for ten more days.

Starting from today, take a picture of a police officer on your phone or your camera and post it to this facebook group or email me at the address on the left. Photos will be collated (with permission) here and at participating blogs - if you don't want your photo to be included there, or if you'd like to remain anonymous, just email me.

To make it even easier for you, photos of police officers still count if the participating copper happens to be your mum, sister, school chum, etc. Standing laws mean that we can't take pictures of these people anywhere where they have 'a reasonable expectation of privacy': we're here to say that we don't think police should be expected to enjoy privacy whilst nominally protecting the peace.

Join in, tell your friends! The revolution will not be televised, but it WILL be on facebook.


  1. How are we defining 'takes pictures' exactly? Technically, this law would invalidate the taking of any picture of a public building or monument. You can't take a picture of Trafalgar square as a terrorist could potentially use it to learn what the square looks like and what buildings are next to it and through this plan the best place to plant a bomb.

    If we took the 'take pictures' definition further, you couldn't copy any plans of public buildings as you would be creating a picture, which could allow a terrorist to see the layout of a public building, allowing him to plant a bomb. Perhaps, if take picture included creating pictures, you couldn't even plan a new building, if it was potentially going to become the target of terrorist interest.

    Actually, I think under such a law you might be more able to get away with taking a picture of riot police as you could argue that it would be unlikely that such an event would happen again, in the same place, with the same police- and so no terrorist could use the images. But a monument is always there...

  2. Brilliant.

    Not a big fan of Facebook but will add any copper snaps I take. I think a Flickr group would be better :)

    Will continue to spread the word on Twitter.

  3. Supoib idea.

    Should capture the interest of some of the more apolitical facebookites, as well.

  4. I don't do FB (yet) but you can link to some pics here with a story of getting booted off of a great spot for taking pictures:

    I also took some pics this morning of an officer talking to a guy with a boycott sign in front of a store that he claims is selling drug paraphernalia. Not sure the outcome, but the officer has having a serious discussion w/him.

    So far, there are no laws to my knowledge in the USA about pictures of LEO's, I think there would be a huge uproar if that happens here.

  5. Hi Penny -

    Just delurking to say that I've been reading your blog for a while; thanks for writing it. This is terrifying. Sadly I don't have a pictures of police officers. I was walking from Waterloo to Oxford Circus on the Saturday of the big Gaza demonstration (the 10th, I think). Every side road between Trafalgar Square and Oxford Circus had a police van and a gaggle of officers looking very serious. I wish I'd had a camera then.

  6. ooh we've had lots hanging round walthamstow central station lately. maybe i'll bring my camera tomorrow.

  7. Interesting. I can't see how this will stop terrorists from taking pictures if they have sufficient motivation.

    But I can see how it could be used to coerce and intimidate the general citizen.

    Are they going to ban google earth as well. I have heard that NZ customs use this wonderful resource for planning some of their operations, so I imagine terrorists could do the same.

  8. Of course the terrorists, wearing their terrorist uniforms,will run right up to said officer and take a shot(!).

    As ever legislation that impacts everyone but the intended target.

  9. can we have take picture of a police officer month???????

  10. Funny what happens when you let the state get too big.

    I believe there is going to be a protest about this as well.

  11. So you can't "take pictures" of the Police any more. As an accomplished artist am I still allowed to sketch, draw or paint the police from life?

    Suppose I drew one or more members of the constabulary from images stored in my eidetic memory? Would that be considered semantically equivalent to some hypothetical photographic representation even though the subjects portrayed weren't present and photographic technology was not directly involved?

    This whole thing sounds kind of nutty to me folks.

  12. How can anyone determine whether pictures of the police relate to hypothetical acts of terrorism that haven't yet happened in reality? All this begins to sound more and more like "Minority Report" territory to me.

    Suppose we're not permitted to take pictures of uniformed police officers on duty any more. Would we be allowed to take snaps of police officers in social situations when they're out of uniform? And what about photographing plain clothes police officers on or off duty?

    What a nightmare of a legal maze.

    My head is beginning to hurt.

    Piss on it all.

  13. This is in answer to several comments left above, including Feminist Avatar and Connie Lingus:

    The western law enforcement agencies have all had, for many decades, the concept of a 'shopping list'. This is the list of ten or twenty things that the police, or the CIA, or GCHQ or whoever would dearly love to be able to do, but which are unlikely to ever get through the legislative branch.

    A quote from then-CIA director George Tenet, 2003: "Those weeks were... crazy... I mean, every shopping list came off the shelf, suddenly nothing was too much, no way to go too far". Same thing happened over here; I've got a search receipt from the police where, in the 'Reason for suspicion/ reason for search' box, the only data is 'Section 44 of the Terrorism Act'. In fact, I've got five of these. For some time now the police have been required to produce what the Yanks call 'probable cause' for the search recept; not any more.

    The reason agencies have shopping lists is so that they're there, ready, the instant something happens which will suspend reason and judgment in the halls of power for a few weeks. As soon as one comes up, they start pushing to see how far they can get; at least, over here, some of our government pushed back, mostly the unelected bits they're trying to abolish.

    This item, making it illegal to photograph the police in the pursuit of their duties, has been on the shopping list of every western police force since the mobile phone revolution. It used to be you just had to watch out for the actual journalists, who are relatively easy to spot, because only they could get the word out. Then came the internet, but still, cameras are bulky and most people don't carry one all the time.

    Then came camera phones. Then came camera phones that worked. All of a sudden, over 50% of the population can not only record what you do, they can also get the word out. This is the only response a 20th Century police mind can come up with, since, clearly, avoiding indulgence in the casual abuses of authority is out of the question.

    They tried this before. Most places had such laws in the 50s. The laws were broken because brave men and women took pictures, got beaten by police, got them published, and got sent to jail. They kept doing it until the attitudes of the world they lived in changed.

    To quote RAW, "Some of us are gonna spend time in the man's jails before this thing is over." Ghandi showed us that the only way to change the world while retaining the moral high-ground is to bleed for our beliefs. I've been incarcerated on three continents, though I've never been convicted: to quote RAW again; "The seat of true freedom is the human ability to say 'No', and take the consequences".

  14. Oops, forgot one bit: the language "likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism" is the killer. Any photograph of a uniformed policeman, and I mean any, fits this description because it can be used as a source photograph for someone who wants to accurately disguise themselves as a security officer. Therefore all and any such photographs are potentially 'useful to a person [...] preparing an act of terrorism'.

  15. So, essentially, assuming Joe Q. Publican's interpretation of the law is correct, if we photograph members of any police force it will be automatically assumed, prima facie, that we are doing so for nefarious purposes!

    This is loopy!

    It's like saying that anyone who photographs a member of any constabulary is tacitly considered to be a potential terrorist until proven innocent!

    Have we stepped through Alice's looking-glass into Wonderland? Or what? Watch out for a tag saying "In this style 10/6" tucked into Gordon Brown's hat band!

    Screw all governments!!!

  16. Hello. Please can say which part of the act you are refering to so that we can look it up. Because lots of silly people periodically start campaigns along the lines of 'the government is planning on banning breathing in a public space' but it turns out to be bollocks. You haven't linked to any independent source to substantiante your claim, which makes me think that this is a similar misunderstanding/people getting worked up about nothing

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  19. Connie Lingus: Hmm, let me clarify my position a little :) I am not saying that everyone taking a picture of a policeman will be arrested, because such 'could be useful' in planning terrorism. I'm saying that the point of this law is to create a legal situation where they can be arrested.

    It's a fairly old line that governments have no power except the coercive; and that in order to coerce a citizen, that citizen must have broken a law. The corollary many miss is that therefore, it is in the interests of government to place as many people outside the law as possible.

    The more things that are banned, the more opportunities the government have for exercising coercive power on the individual. But they don't have to exercise those powers. Therefore, once a high enough percentage of your citizenry have broken ridiculous law, you finally return discretion to government; you only have the police hassle the specific citizens you want hassled, ie. people you don't like, and you can just know they'll be doing something wrong. Anyone you like, you just don't check to see which law they broke.

    This is the point behind marijuana prohibition; it gave racist Yanks a chance to legitimately arrest Mexicans on sight, because 2/3s of the Mexican population had been converted into criminals overnight. Most didn't know it til arrested.

    Section 44 of the Terrorism Act is obvious. It says 'you can screw with people without needing any justification, that discretion is in the hands of every beat cop'. This law is insidious, and therefore much more dangerous. It says that if a nice 60-yr-old lady from Warwick wants to take a picture of a couple of bobbies in Trafalgar Square, that's clearly ok, but if that nasty little goit on the anti-Starbucks protest, who just had their phone out to record the police batons flattening a single mum, gets spotted you can nick him, no appeal.

    That's the danger. It removes legal discretion from the hands of the people (via their elected representatives) and places it in the hands of soldiers on the front line of a cultural war. This is not good.

    Think back to the Battle of the Beanfield. That would never have come out, would never have been broadcast because the police were beating journalists and smashing their cameras. How did it get out? One of the people on the other side was a peer of the realm.

    With this law in place, he would have been gagged by his own responsibility to the House of Lords, because the police actions against journalists would have been legal, even if their actions against the men, women and children on the march were not.

  20. Whichever way you look at it John Q. Publican the proposed law is pretty flaky in my opinion. As far as I am concerned this is yet another example of paranoia in our current government: other recent examples might include identity cards (still an active proposal), six weeks detention without charge (dead in the water), lie detectors installed in council benefit offices to filter claimants etc., etc.

    The ambiguous limbo that citizens inhabit in respect to why they photographed police officers is the worst of all possible situations since their actions could be interpreted differently by different people, organisations and bodies at different times.


    A typical, unworthy and woolly example of bad government.

  21. Connie Lingus: absolutely. The law as I understand it is an attempt to move judgments from those equipped to make them, and scrutinised doing it, to those who're ... not.

    And an attempt to remove the citizen's one defense of the modern era; publication.

  22. Ms. Red and Mr. Q. Publican; fine summations of the situation as ever. I'm going to shamelessly crosspost from the facebook thread as I think this is worth restating:

    'Members of the media have a duty to take photographs and film incidents and we have no legal power or moral responsibility to prevent or restrict what they record.'

    from the Association of Chief Police Officers Police-Media guidelines, at

    *We* watch the watchers. That's the point.

  23. As a forma member of the armed forces, does the act cover me?

    I hope so, I'd love to wonder up to a cop at a demo and make a citizens arrest :)

  24. I did this at a squat party, and got assaulted and my phone broken for my troubles.

    God bless you, GMP B Division.

    I think the answer is to keep journalists' mobile numbers in your phone, so you can send them an immediate picture message at any point...

  25. I am not going to say i saw this coming.. Even my suspicious mind could not think of a plot as heinous as this one being introduced.

    Even after having been stopped at numerous occasions in the past for taking photographs in a public place..

    Something is really very wrong here.

    Maybe we should all do what I suggested in an old blog post ( and stream our data from our devices. Maybe with the difference that it is not stored on our actual devices..

    At least until a new law is brought is that states we can't even pretend to photograph a police officer.

  26. If I photograph Sting or Stewart Copeland performing on stage could I get in trouble? After all they were both members of the Police once weren't they?

  27. You seem to recoil from your conclusion, there is the faintest whiff of burning, or at least definitely should-not-read, book there. What exactly are you advocating people do with this? What is the critique FOR, other than your having fun writing the post get facebook fans

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