Tuesday 3 February 2009

Via the Ministry of Truth: 'British Wildcats' are a front for the BNP

That brilliant spark in the darkness of the blogosphere, MiniTrue, has done some digging and proved that the British Wildcats - the group massing behind the 'British Jobs for British Workers' union-rejected strikes going on across the UK this week - are an official or semi-official BNP-affiliated group.

The proof? Here.

The BNP aren't just infiltrating the strikes. They're claiming them for their own and touting themselves as organisers and future organisers.

The British public needs to know that fascists are organising, or claiming to organise, action in our name, in order to divert public anger away from the business leaders who bear responsibility for growing unemployment and onto innocent immigrant groups. Spread, propagate, disseminate: let the internet do what it's best at. Please. Put this on your blog, put it on facebook, tell your friends, your neighbors, your cats.

Because - sing along! - we'll never rest again until every Nazi dies.


  1. The Wildcats didn't organise the strike at LOR (Lindsey Oil Refinery) even if they might want the credit for them. In fact the demands include "* All Immigrant labour to be unionised.
    * Trade Union assistance for immigrant workers - including interpreters - and access to Trade Union advice - to promote active integrated Trade Union Members."

    In fact the BNP's website's comments section suggests they turned up to one of the first demos 5 hours late to hand out their lies.

    Let's not give them more credit for gumption and organisation than they deserve.

  2. I'm a long-term reader, first time contributor, principally because I agree with just about everything you say, but you've called this one wrong, Penny. The Wildcats aren't organising the strikes; they're just a bunch of BNP opportunists who have tried to hitch a ride on, and take control of the direction, of an already-existing bandwagon: they've been singularly unsuccessful in this, though they and the BNP have been handed oddles of credibility through the media's misreporting of the curcumstances of the strike and the strikers' demands. The strikers have legitimate greivances, and as tim f points out, the list of demands is essentially a progressive one, even if they've chosen to campaign for them under a reactionary banner, provided courtesy of one G Brown.

    (Incidentally, who thought the Wildcats weren't a BNP front? The most cursory glance at the design of their posters and the wording of their slogans immediately gives the game away).

  3. FFS - yeah, if you've noticed, I've just changed the post, but I'll put an ETA up in a second.

    Nice to see you, by the way!

  4. Cheers; you must have changed it whilst I was writing.

    Nice to see you too!

  5. It occurs to me that "We'll never rest until every Nazi dies" would go well to the tune of "Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough".

  6. Thankyou for putting this up. It has confirmed my suspicions.

  7. British Wildcats are on the brink of extinction - a small group clinging on to existence and facing a bleak future. In Scotland.

    Not perhaps the best name.

  8. The problem certainly isn't with immigrants, but then, it's not really with business leaders either. The problem is with the people who have and continue to allow sheisters to control their money. Who refuse to take responsibility. Namely us. You and me.

    Until we stop searching for scapegoats and instead just get on , we won't get anywhere.

  9. Good to see the perspective changed.

  10. In the proposed Penny led putsch against British fascists can we include crypto-Nazi journalistas on the black list of those to be expunged? Yes? Well, I'd like to personally nominate the following four miscreants and shit-stirrers for extirpation:

    1. Melanie Phillips;
    2. Simon Heffer;
    3. Andrew Norman Wilson;
    4. Peter Hitchens.

    Retire the people listed above with extreme and immediate prejudice!

    I had intended to number Frank Field amongst this band of loons and liars, but, due to the fact that I used to laugh at Kenneth Williams and that Frank Field reminds me of an aged, unhealthy, washed-out and elderly version of said actor I excluded him from my preliminary draft.

    In respect to your pulmonary infection why not try rubbing a liberal helping of Vick on your chest to clear out and revivify your passages?

    Don't knock it until you try iy!

  11. I'm glad you changed this post a bit, but I'm afraid it still implies a relationship between wildcat strikes and fascism that is unnecessary.

    Maybe you will disagree, but I think that wildcat strikes are often justifiable, and it would be better if you balanced your condemnation of fascist action with some kind of support for leftist action...

    By your title you are associating wildcat strikes with the BNP which either (a) puts people off striking because they don't want to be seen as fascist, or (b) if they are inclined to strike, doesn't offer them an alternative rationale.


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