Friday 26 June 2009

RIP Jacko

Good grief, Michael Jackson's dead. The BBC just confirmed it. Only 50 years old. He was an unique, brilliant freak. Rest in peace.

(I'm still in America, still writing like a mad thing on Secret Important Projects, still on loan to the Huffington Post [new article up soon], still feeling guilty about not blogging enough. Normal service will be resumed as soon as I get home. I miss being able to roll a cigarette without being stared at like I'm smoking dope on the street!)


  1. 'Unique, brilliant freak' sums him up quite well. Poor lad.

  2. Another child molseter dead. Good riddance.

  3. Im not sure calling him a freak is very good even when you put brilliant infront of it. Nothing more important happening in he world that you could be commenting on either? Odd.

  4. A lot more important happening in the world than that anyone should care about the death of this child-molesting freak - that's really the point - the news coverage is getting really annoying.

  5. Tons more important things happening in the world. Sadly - as half of the above post does explain - I'm taking a break.

  6. Apols. for the mundanity, but how does one sign up to Huffington Post without a ZIP code?

  7. If you were a twelve year old boy you might have stood a chance with Jacko, Ms. Red. Still, what's a bit of paedophilia here and there during the course of such an illustrious career?

  8. Go to
    for the deposition made by Jacko's first
    'victim' - the one who took him for a cool
    $15 million
    or maybe $30 million - accounts differ

  9. Bensix .. Zip code
    You've got to find one. Vanilla Rose seems to be pretty good at this. She is a Burlesque performer after all and will I feel do up your needy zip.

  10. Do you want me to delete the above, VR?

  11. Writing to yourself Penny?

  12. Don't hate or dismiss Jacko just because he was a bit of a bum boy.

  13. AZTEC sez again ... go to THE SMOKING GUN website
    and read the sworn deposition of Jacko's
    first alleged 'victim' - who was 12 years old when the molestation occurred [if, indeed, it
    DID occur - and there were, of course, NO witnesses]

    To be truthful, I think the kid 'victim' - and his
    parents - did very well to make $15,000,000 or maybe double that - less lawyers' fees of maybe 30%-40% - for tongue kissing and mutual masturbation with an adult.

    AZTEC sez ... go and read it for your
    idle selves and PASS IT ON!

  14. JoyBoy:
    Heterosexual does not imply rapist.
    Paedophile does not imply child molester.

    There is nothing wrong with being sexually attracted to kids. There is a great deal wrong with actually molesting kids.

    So... yes, your statement was in fact correct.

    I do not know if he really molested children or not, I doubt I ever will for sure, so can not say anything about that.

    *Any* human death is tragic. If you don't believe me watch the Saddam Hussein hanging video. He was a total shit and the world is a better place without him running Iraq, but his death was still sad and unjustified.

  15. rip jacko

    we will miss you forever

  16. I think I'm okay with the zip pun, but thank you for asking. I'm not sure if the HuffPo accepted my postcode as a zip code or just didn't care.

  17. Col Bloodnokk (ex MI5)1 July 2009 at 13:11

    I see that little minstrel chap has gone to the great audition in the sky.
    Strange cove. Wouldn't want him in my lot.
    Had to be dicreet you know.
    Stand out like a baboon's arse at a nudist colony.
    Marvellous sense of rhythm though.

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