Saturday 7 March 2009

Tom Harris and popular misogyny: LabourList guest post.

I've put a post up on LabourList, which my friend Rowenna Davis is editing for International Women's Day. It's about Tom Harris (you didn't think I'd forget him, did you?), sex education and women's bodies as public property, and it's a response to a directive to make a lot of old Labour dadalikes cross in under 700 words.

If you get a moment, please do go and join the debate - the comments are already getting pretty fruity. Christ, I thought I had it bad with you lot. TBR, Dandelion, Neuroskeptic: all is forgiven, or at least it will be once I've made myself tea and a smoke and had a nice little calm down somewhere quiet. Oh my yes.


  1. I'd go and give some moral support over there but I'm not sure my brain could stand the amount of rageheat that might be generated if I read any of the comments!

  2. Ignore them Laurie, the internet is the last great bastion for western misogyny, it's just so easy when you're anonymous.

    It doesn't make me angry anymore just sad. Far better for them to get all enranged and risk an early death than you.

    PS Happy International Women's Day x

  3. Excellent post over on LL, Laurie.

    But, very difficult to stomach some of the comments that have been left from what are supposedly Left-leaning men? Very dissapointing and just shows the work that Feminism still has to do.

  4. Holy Grud! Just back from the comments on Labournet and needing a very long shower.

    If drivelling Xtian fundies and women-hating freaks who apparently believe that university education is a Bad Thing are all Labour´s got left, then thank fuck I´m an anarcho-syndicalist!

    Good on you, Laurie. You´re an excellent writer and a highly articulate woman.

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