Thursday 5 March 2009

No to Welfare Abolition!

I've just got back from a very strange activist meeting, albeit one with only minimal hand-signals, in the upstairs of a London pub which was playing Johnny Cash classics on a loop. The details of the action we're planning took two repeats of Ring of Fire to get through, which is pretty good going. Anyway. As promised, here are some details for action taking place next week, which has been thrillingly designated a 'Week of Action' to concide with the vote on the Welfare Reform Bill that's being rushed through the Commons. The week is being organised by Feminist Fightback, the London Coalition Against Poverty (LCAP), the Disabled People's Direct Action Network, and other supporting groups.

Here are the details:

*Most importantly: next Monday, 9th of March, LCAP and Feminist Fightback are planning an immensely fizzy and exciting piece of direct action which is SO secret and super-special that I can't even give you all the details online. Suffice it to say: we'll be dressed as bankers, and my outfit (as discussed below) is going to be spectacular, darlings. This will be a fun, disruptive action, and there will be all kinds of roles for people to play, some with more of an arrestable factor than others. We'll be meeting on the 9th at 10.00am, in Central London. Everyone is welcome - the more the messier! To get the details call 077 480 52289

*Disabled People's Direct Action Network and LCAP will be taking part in a high-profile direct action in central London on Wednesday, March 11th at 10:30 a.m. To get involved, contact or see the facebook page.

*A picket has been called outside of the Mare St Job Centre (Hackney) for March 16th at 11:00 am. This is very near the time of the 3rd reading, so the groups involved want to make this picket as big as possible. If you would like to help leaflet and inform people about their rights during the week, or if you'd like to get involved in planning the picket, email Activists all over London will be leafletting outside of their local Jobcentres all week, and if you'd like to be one of them, there are leaflets available for printing on the LCAP website at

Make trouble!


  1. Well, whatever you do make sure you don't get your head caved in.

  2. Don't worry, I have a very resilient head. :)

  3. Is this Feminist Fightback the Trot front group? I seem to recall the AWL having a puppet organisation called that, but it wouldn't surprise me overly if there were two with the name: one front and one autonomous. Or even two Trot fronts with the same name...

  4. If you see Leila Deen tell her that when you paste Peter Mandelson the custard should be PINK, not GREEN, for obvious reasons!

    Todos os homossexuais como a cor cor de rosa, cadela! Se você fosse homem eu o foderia em cima do rabo! Coma o meu levantar, mulher relaxada!

    Adeus moça levada.

  5. I've heard on the grapevine that James Purnell, after New Labour's expected defeat by the Cameronite Conservative Party in 2010, is planning to go into acting!

    Universal have provisionally signed him up to play a squat, ugly, evil, homicidally animated doll called Upchuck in two sequels to the 2004 horror film called Seed of Chucky (the fifth film in the Chucky franchise, viz., Child's Play, Child's Play 2, Child's Play 3, Bride of Chucky, and Seed of Chucky).

    Purnell was cast because his physical attributes (or lack of them) obviate the studio's need to invest in CGI, special effects, cosmetics and prosthetics as per the main character during the shoot.

    The films are provisionally titled "Upchuck Toryboy" and "Upchuck: This time it's political".

    Ha, ha, ha.

    It could happen.

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