Wednesday 23 September 2009

Bisexual Wednesday

I'm genuinely sorry for the commensurate lack of activity on this blog at present. I've been neck-deep in about ten different very urgent writing projects, and blogging has had to take a back seat - which is annoying, as there's a great deal of interesting stuff going on.

Right now, though, I'm 7,000 words into the 9,800 decent semantic units I have to have down before Friday evening, and it happens to be Celebrate Bisexuality Wednesday. So I'm going to the pub in drag to drink cider with some hot chicks. Seeya. x


  1. Hope you had a good one. I totally read that as "Celebrity Bisexuality Wednesday", and am still struggling to get my head around whether that'd be a good thing or just Katie Perry-ism.

  2. Commensurate to what?

  3. The mind boggles. Post pictures. :-)

    Carolyn Ann

  4. Slightly off-topic: of course it is Baroness Scotland's fault! If she is going to insist that it is a criminal offence for employers not to check their employee's paperwork properly, then she cannot complain about being hoist with her own petard.

  5. "... I'm going to the pub in drag to drink cider with some hot chicks."

    D'ya git some?


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